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All volunteers will receive certificates for their participation along with community service credits and recognition on their projects.

Here’s a look at some projects to tackle together: 

Dive Into Action
Join a clean-up
Organise a clean-up
Collect FreeTree planting containers
Transition establishments #BalaPlastic

Product photography
Ecommerce site cataloguing
Digital brochure

Regenerate Lebanon
Collect data
Data input
Research and development

Roots Academia
Conduct a workshop or training
Eco tour guide
Coordinate tour itinerary & bookings

Donor outreach
Environmental copy-writing
Social Media
Arabic, French, English translation
Video editing
Web development

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A helping hand goes a long way, either in the physical or through a seeded donation, your generousity helps to activate our programmes.


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Founded in 2015 as a grassroots non-governmental organisation, we have self funded and implemented projects through sustainable partnerships and persistance to show what is possible with little. In 2019 and with the opening of the EcoSouk, we now welcome donations to scale our programmes nationally. With gratitude, we turn to your generous regular and one-off donations (small or large), to help us Regenerate Lebanon.
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